Are you tired of dealing with unexpected tire and wheel problems? These issues are some of the most common challenges drivers face daily. A good Tire & Wheel Protection plan can cover unexpected expenses related to tire and wheel repairs and replacements, helping you get back on the road quickly and without stress.

In this guide, I’ll introduce you to the best tire protection plans available and discuss the top 5 companies that offer these plans. We’ll explain what each company offers, how their plans work, and help you decide which one is the best fit for you. Read on to learn more about how to keep your tires and wheels protected and your vehicle running smoothly.

Benefits of Tire & Wheel Protection

Best tire protection plan gives customers peace of mind while driving by offering several key benefits:

Repairs and Replacements: It covers the costs of fixing or replacing tires and wheels damaged by common road hazards, like potholes or debris.

Unlimited Coverage: There are no limits on how many times you can use the coverage or how many miles you drive.

Towing Costs: If your tires or wheels are damaged, the plan covers the cost of towing your car, adding extra value and convenience.

Cosmetic Coverage: You can choose to add coverage for minor cosmetic damage to your wheels, such as small scratches or nicks, keeping your wheels looking new.

This protection plan helps ensure that drivers can handle unexpected tire and wheel issues with ease and confidence.

Top 5 Tyre Protection Covers in Canada for 2024


Allstate® Tire & Wheel Protection, this plan stands out for its comprehensive benefits and ease of use. It covers tire and wheel repairs and replacements due to road hazards without any deductible and imposes no limit on the number of claims. This tyre protection cover in insurance includes essential services like mounting, balancing, and valve stems, as well as optional cosmetic repairs for alloy wheels. Additional perks include coverage for alternate transportation, 24/7 roadside assistance, and trip interruption reimbursement, making it a highly convenient choice. The process is simple: call for assistance, choose a repair shop, and let Allstate cover the costs. This makes Allstate Tire & Wheel Protection a reliable option for drivers seeking to protect their vehicles from everyday road challenges.


Safe-Guard’s Tire & Wheel Protection plan is ideal for drivers facing common road hazards like potholes and nails. This plan covers the cost of repairing or replacing tires and wheels with no limits on occurrences or mileage. It also includes towing costs related to tire and wheel damage and offers optional cosmetic coverage for minor wheel scrapes and nicks. With comprehensive coverage and additional services, Safe-Guard ensures drivers can handle unexpected tire and wheel issues with ease and confidence.


The AutologiQ Tire Protection Plan offers comprehensive coverage for tires purchased from an AutologiQ service provider. This plan includes free flat repairs, free road hazard protection for non-repairable tires, and free tire inflation checks. The coverage lasts for up to two years or until the tire tread wears down to 4/32 of an inch. It also offers a credit for unused tire wear if the tire cannot be repaired. This plan ensures that drivers are protected from unexpected tire issues, making vehicle maintenance more affordable and convenient.

Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire offers two tire protection plans: the Tire Care Guarantee and the Tire Care Guarantee with Replacement Advantage. Both plans cover damage from road hazards like nails and potholes, and manufacturing defects, providing free repairs or replacements. The Replacement Advantage plan also covers non-repairable tire damage and includes free tire rotations and brake inspections every 10,000 km, as well as one year of free spare tire change service. These plans ensure peace of mind by protecting against unexpected tire issues.


The PEARLCorp Tire Protection Plan offers comprehensive coverage for flat tire repairs and replacements due to road hazards like nails, potholes, and debris. It includes emergency roadside assistance, towing, and no depreciation fees on replacement tires. The plan covers repairs up to $35 per event and replacements up to $200 per tire. Available year-round, it can be purchased anytime and continues even if you change tires. This plan ensures peace of mind by protecting against unexpected tire issues, providing convenience and cost savings for drivers. Thus, it offers the best tyre protection cover in canada.


After reviewing the top tire protection plans in Canada, it’s clear that each offers valuable benefits to keep drivers worry-free. Allstate and Safe-Guard provide extensive coverage with no limits on claims and include services like towing and cosmetic repairs. AutologiQ offers comprehensive protection for tires bought from their providers, including free repairs and inflation checks. Canadian Tire’s plans ensure thorough coverage and additional maintenance services. However, PEARLCorp stands out for its year-round availability, emergency roadside assistance, and flexible purchase options. For the best overall protection and convenience, PEARLCorp is the preferred choice.