Thank you for joining the PEARL Fleet. We are a strong advocate and voice for our Subscribers on issues such as vehicle repair and maintenance, warranty enforcement, fair labour prices, and tire purchases as well as repair disputes and/or other automotive related products or services.

These Service Agreement Terms & Conditions govern our relationship. Purchase or use of the PEARL SERVICE subjects the purchaser and/ or user (“you”, “your”, “yours”, “their”,) to the provisions of the Terms, as amended from time to time. This is not an automobile liability insurance contract.

By using PEARL services or benefits, you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.

We reserve the right to make exceptions to our service eligibility terms and conditions that may grant greater rights than stated in this document.

If you do not agree with our terms, please contact us immediately for Subscription cancellation assistance.

Terms are subject to change. In the event of any significant changes, these terms will be updated at and conditions following your log in.

Service Contract:

Clients who meet the eligibility requirements and who are current with their payment for their Service Contract Account are entitled to Client benefits, as applicable. Service Contracts are subject to our approval and acceptance.

Service Contract Term / tenure:

The Service Contract Account is valid for one (1) year following the date of activation by the initial Primary Client (the “Service Contract year”). However, any event of default (including payment default) may result in forfeiture of  Client benefits.

Primary Clients and Associate Clients:

A PEARL Service Contract account must have one (1) Primary Client/vehicle, who may designate additional Clients/Vehicles (“Associate Clients”) to the Account at any time, by paying additional Service Contract dues on a per vehicle basis. There cannot be more than one (1) vehicle designated to a Service Contract account at a time.

•           The Primary Client is the main Service Contract point of contact for all vehicles assigned to the Service         Contract Account.

•           The Primary Client is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of information for all household PEARL Clients.

Only the Primary Client is authorized to:

  • Request adding any Associate Clients to the account.
  • Request any changes to the designated Service Contract type of any Client/vehicle on the account.

(Please note: Associate Clients can remove themselves from the account and obtain information about their own Service Contract Account.)

  • Receive invoices, statements of account, and to make inquiries about the transactions on the Service Contract Account (including the transactions of other Clients linked to the Account).
  •  A Primary Client is personally invoiced and is personally responsible to pay for the annual Service Contract dues of all the Clients/Vehicles under their Service Contract Account.
  • Each PEARL Client is permitted to have more than  one active PEARL Service Contract account so long as each individual contract is attached to a different vehicle.

Client Identification / Validation:

Each Client must be prepared to show his or her valid Service Card (in physical or electronic/app form), whether it be a PEARL CARD or a program managed by PEARL.

Client Rules:

1. Service Contract is non-transferable after activation unless such transfer is  expressly authorized by PEARL.

2. Service Contract is non-refundable 30 days after activation and endures for a term of 12 months.

3. Service Contract may not be used for illegal  purposes.

To remain a PEARL Client in good standing, you must agree to:

1. Pay all fees when due, irrespective of the extent you made use of our products and services offered.

2. Keep your contact and payment information current (i.e. your legal name, mailing address, email address, credit card, etc.).

3. Not allow services to be provided on any vehicles or property that is not 100% owned by you, or registered by you under a PEARL service contract.

You will promptly advise us and our service providers of any vehicles to be serviced that are not fully owned by you.

 4. Promptly relay any communications that we may direct to your guests and keep all guests and passengers duly informed who may directly or indirectly benefit from or be impacted by our services to you.

5. You understand and agree that our service providers are independents and not employees of PEARL. You agree  to follow our dispute resolution procedure in the event  that you are dissatisfied with any services provided by our service providers, approved repair facilities, or other business partners.

6. Be respectful and professional at all times when communicating over the phone, online, on our premises, attending any PEARL events, or participating in any of our forums. Do not use your Service Contract as a means for engaging in criminal or illicit activity.

7. If you are not renewing your Service Contract, contact PEARL to ensure the account is updated and your   subscription, if applicable, in the automatic renewal program is terminated.

PEARL’s Right to Revoke Service Contract:

PEARL reserves the right to downgrade, cancel, revoke, not renew a Service Contract, and we may refuse service at any time and for any reason permitted by law, including but not limited to for failure to comply with these Service Contract Terms & Conditions. At no time will PEARL tolerate harassment, intimidation, threatening or abusive behaviour and/or language directed at its Associates, service providers, or other PEARL representatives. Upon expiry, non-renewal or cancellation of Service Contract, all PEARL service privileges will be revoked without refund or compensation.

Changes to Service Contract:

The terms, conditions, services, benefits, prices, policies and procedures of your PEARL Service Contract are subject to change at any time. These terms will be updated at  If after reviewing any change to the terms of your Service Contract, you do not accept the new terms or do not wish to renew your Service Contract, you may terminate your Service Contract as of when the change takes effect.

Service Contract Dues:


• Payment of monthly dues can be made by phone, banking, Visa, Mastercard. Cheques and electronic payment are also accepted but must be for the total annual fees, made payable to:



Box 422, 509 Commissioners Rd. W.

London ON. N6J 1Y5.

• Payments are due on an monthly billing cycle. Dues are subject to change without notice. If your  Service Contract dues are not paid in full on or before your Service Contract due date:

o Your Service Contract will lapse.

o You will not be entitled to Client services or Client benefits.

o You will forfeit any benefits linked to your Service Contract .

• Based on the information we have on file, we will send you a renewal notice approximately 30 days prior to the end of your annual service. Prompt renewal of your Service Contract ensures there is no interruption in service.

• Please ensure you review your Service Contract renewal notice for accuracy. If any changes are required, it is the Client’s responsibility to notify PEARL prior to the renewal date.

• All Service Contract changes, including additions or deletions, must be authorized by the purchaser or authorized representative of the Service Contract account. Renewal is for a 12-month period based on the month of initial enrollment, or most recent renewal, whether or not Service Contract benefits have been exercised.

• Your PEARL Service Contract expires one year after the activation date, and will be billed monthly on notice to you (subject to payment of Service Contract fees and any activation procedures). If after receiving notice of any change to the renewal of your Service Contract you do not accept the new terms or do not wish to renew your Service Contract, you may terminate your Service Contract as of the date when the change takes effect or on the renewal date.

The following costs are not included in PEARL Service Contract dues, and the Client hereby agrees to indemnify and hold PEARL and its service providers harmless from any liability arising therefrom:

1. Cost of parts, labour or repairs, (other than what is covered by the tire protection).

2. Costs for towing a vehicle, (other than what is covered by the roadside assistance program).

3. Costs relating to vehicle accident clean-up.

4. Costs associated with legal infractions.

5. Costs incurred because of a mechanical breakdown, including lost wages, alternate transportation,  accommodations, etc.

Auto-renew program:

Automatic renewal of your Service Contract dues will be automatically charged to your designated pre-authorized credit card or bank account on file with PEARL. Based on the terms and conditions of your credit card issuer, it is probable that your financial institution will provide us with updated credit card information independent of you. You will receive an annual renewal notice approximately 30 days prior to your expiry date, which will inform you of the date your pre-authorized renewal will be charged. If we do not receive any alternative instructions from you, we will process your renewal Service Contract(s) by charging the credit card or bank account that is registered to your account.

If you are enrolled in automatic renewal and would like to terminate your Service Contract, you must provide us with notice before your Service Contract renewal date.

Additional Charges:

If any payment to PEARL or its service provider(s) is reversed, returned by your financial institution due to non- sufficient funds (NSF), or declined for any other reason, we will contact you to collect payment and/or update your payment information. All Service Contract benefits will be unavailable until payment is made in full. Additionally, you may be charged an administrative fee of $75.00 per occurrence, including any disputed charge that is determined to have been validly applied to your account.  PEARL reserves a right of set-off for any outstanding debts owing to PEARL or to its service provider(s).

Native Status Tax Exemption:

Clients requesting a partial tax exemption (HST) must provide in person a copy of their valid native status card at a PEARL Office each year in order for a partial tax exemption to apply. If you are unable to attend a PEARL Office in person, tax will be included on the renewal statement and you can claim the tax exemption through the Ontario Ministry of Finance.

Money-back Guarantee:

PEARL Service Contract dues are refundable within 30 days after the first payment has been processed by PEARL. The amount of the refund will be prorated and based on your household’s most recent Service Contract(s) payment to PEARL , minus any outstanding costs associated with PEARL services provided to you or your Associate Clients (including any additional charges as outlined above) up

to the date of cancellation. PEARL will not refund your Service Contract after 30 days of receiving payment or if service has been used. Cancellation requests may be made in writing to:


Box 422, 509 Commissioners Rd. W.

London, ON N6J 1Y5

Or by email:

Or by calling Client Support: 1-800-563-1020


Section 2.

Service Contract Coverage

Your PEARL Service Contract includes the following services., subject to additional fees if applicable. Some services listed below may only be available within certain PEARL geographical areas.

Auto Repair Management Consulting:

            Present your PEARL card at any repair facility (preferably an approved PEARL facility) and the staff at that facility must call PEARL for all recommended services. PEARL will contact you to review said recommendations, review necessity, review pricing and seek a fully informed decision from you for the chosen services.

Certified and Approved Service Partners:

            PEARL will endeavour to have a certified approved service facility in your area. If there is not one in your area, PEARL will accept referrals or will search out a facility to properly assist you within the terms and conditions of the PEARL program.

Exclusive Savings:

            PEARL approved repair facilities may offer discounts in the form of a cash back award to your PEARL cash card. These discounts are exclusive to PEARL subscribers.

Flexible Payment Terms:

            If you are faced with a surprise breakdown that doesn’t fit your current budget, PEARL can assist with vehicle repair financing through a ‘known’ third-party supplier.

Vehicle Eligibility:

Certain limitations may apply. In all cases vehicles must be insured for personal use, be licensed and be road-worthy. Subject to the applicable exclusions, vehicles eligible for coverage include:

• 4-wheeled, motor-driven vehicles (cars, pickups, vans)

Service Providers:

Service providers are independents and are not employees of PEARL. PEARL will not assume responsibility for property damage, personal injuries, losses or inconveniences caused by the service provider.

PEARL does not have supervision or control over the operation or management of service providers and vehicle repair facilities. In the event of a dispute arising between a Client and the service provider, PEARL may appoint an arbitrator whose ruling shall be final and binding on both parties.

Roadside Assistance Services

PEARL subscribers shall receive the following roadside assistance services on their motor vehicles for twelve (12) months from their date of eligibility. The per service occurrence max will be $100.00 and up to 3 service events per subscription year. Coverage begins 20 days after subscription effective date.  The toll-free number to call for services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is 855-621-4486. You must have your vehicle ownership with you in order to provide your VIN.

1) Towing – When a Customer vehicle is disabled due to mechanical or accident breakdown, it shall be towed it to the nearest service facility up to the $100 benefit limit. 

2) Flat Tire Assistance –   A flat tire shall be changed with the Customer’s spare tire. If, for any reason, the spare is not usable, the lug nuts cannot be removed or the vehicle has two flat tires with one usable spare, towing shall be provided in accordance with the towing provisions above.

3) Fuel Delivery Service – An emergency supply of fuel of up to three (3) gallons shall be delivered if the Customer’s vehicle runs out of fuel. Customer to pay the cost of fuel.

4) Lock Out/Replacement Key Service – If the Customer’s keys are locked in the vehicle, assistance shall be provided to gain entry into the vehicle. 

5) Jump Start – Jump start service shall be provided to start the Customer’s vehicle.

6) Winching/Vehicle extraction – If Customer’s vehicle is stuck in a ditch and but is accessible from a normally traveled roadway, service shall be given to either tow or winch the vehicle.

Roadside assistance services for do not include:

• Service if the operator is not with the disabled vehicle (however if the Customer cannot remain with the vehicle for safety reasons, we shall attempt to provide service.)

• Service if the vehicle was involved in theft or vandalism.

• Service for, fleet vehicles, vehicles off road; vehicles over 1- ton capacity, commercial vehicles,

vehicles already at a repair facility or on roads where state/provincial provides are exclusively utilized.

• Towing or service on roads not regularly maintained, including private property.

• Installation or removal of snow chains nor dismounting, repairing, or rotating tires.

• Vehicle storage charges, cost of parts and installation, products, materials, impounding, and additional labor related to towing.

• Service to vehicles with an expired safety inspection, license plate, and/or emission sticker where required by law.

• Service to vehicles that are not in a safe condition to be towed.

• Service in areas not regularly traveled, such as vacant lots, beaches, open fields, or other places that would be hazardous for service.

• Requests for service within 20 days of enrolling in the program.

Tire Road Hazard Protection

PEARL subscribers shall receive a Road Hazard Tire Protection Reimbursement benefit for eligible expenses incurred up to a maximum benefit of $200.00 for replacement or $35.00 for repair. We will reimburse the cost to repair, or if non- repairable, the cost to replace a damaged tire on the Customer covered vehicle if damage is caused by a road hazard on a public roadway. Road hazard is defined as objects and road conditions such as potholes, rocks, wood debris, metal parts, plastic or composite scraps or any item causing tire damage other than wear and tear and those conditions excluded below.

Tire Hazard Protection Reimbursements apply:

• Tire Repair – Customers will be reimbursed for the charges incurred for the repair of the flat tire(s) up to $35 per occurrence. Limited to 1 claim per Customer vehicle per membership year.

• Tire Replacement – Customers will be reimbursed for the cost of a replacement tire should the tire become non-repairable due to impact breaks, snags, punctures, or other road hazards up to a maximum of $200 per tire. Vehicle tire must have more than 3/32″ tread depth remaining to be eligible for reimbursement. Limited to 1 claim per Customer vehicle per membership year.

Coverage is for the cost to repair or replace the damaged tire and does not cover any charges for labor, mounting, balancing, taxes, shop supplies, additional parts, or miscellaneous fees.  In addition, cosmetic damage to the tire is not covered.  Customers must obtain prior authorization to replace a tire by calling 855-621-4486.

Section 3

Client Rewards

PEARL subscribers will carry a reloadable PEARL cash card to be used for identification and rewards. This card entitles clients to cash back rewards through various programs. Such programs may be sponsored by PEARL, automotive service providers, automotive parts suppliers or manufacturers, retail automotive chains or a variety of product suppliers that PEARL may find beneficial to its subscribers.

Section 4     

Service Contract Concerns and Dispute Resolution

At PEARL, we will attempt to resolve all inquiries at the first point of contact. Most of our Client concerns are resolved  quickly and efficiently by our front-line employees; however, there may be cases when your concerns require further review or investigation. Should you feel that your issue still remains unresolved, you can escalate your additional   concerns to our Client Relations Team.

By email:  Or by phone: 1-800-563-1020

We are committed to providing a decision that is fair, equitable, and developed within PEARL standards. We use Client feedback to continuously improve our operations and Client value.

Mail:     Client Relations – PEARL FLEET MANAGEMENT CORP.

             BOX 422, 509 Commissioners Rd. W., London, Ontario N6J 1Y5

Clients should provide in their communication their preferred contact method, name, address and Service Card Number in addition to specific details of steps taken to address their concerns, such as the service or product in question, the particular dates on which the matters complained about occurred or were brought to their attention.

We will acknowledge all Client concerns within five business days and are committed to resolving them upon receipt of all relevant documentation within

30 business days.

PEARL Disclaimer:

Neither PEARL SCO nor its affiliates, nor any of their respective officers, employees, directors, agents or contractors (collectively, “PEARL”) have any responsibility or liability for any expense, loss, cost, injury, damage, delay, travel cancellation, accident or any other matter, however suffered or caused (including compensatory, incidental, indirect, special, punitive, consequential or exemplary damages or damages for loss of income or profits), directly or indirectly arising out of or related to:

 • Failure, delay or decision by PEARL in administering any of the benefits outlined in these  Terms and Conditions.

• Information on any partner or their products or services

• The availability or appropriateness of any special offer by a partner

PEARL Client Privacy Policy

PEARL Client Privacy Policy:

PEARL and its affiliated companies (collectively “PEARL”) are committed to the protection of your personal  information.

This Privacy Policy explains the privacy practices in connection with PEARL’s activities, both online and offline, mobile apps,

as well as in person or telephone interactions. This includes your PEARL Service Contract, the provision of other product and service offerings.

PEARL carries on business as “PEARLCORP” throughout Canada

Policy Contents:

1.         Accountability for Your Privacy

2.         Personal Information and How We Collect It

3.         Using Your Personal Information

4.         Withdrawing Your Consent

5.         Sharing Your Information

6.         Our Website and App Practices

7.         Keeping Your Information Safe

8.         Accessing Your Personal Information

9.         How Long We Keep Your Information

10.       External Links and Social Media

11.       Our Privacy Complaint and Breach Management Process

12.       Changes to this Policy

13.       Getting in Touch

1. Accountability for Your Privacy

PEARL takes full responsibility for the management and confidentiality of personal information we collect and use. Personal information is collected, used, shared and stored in accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, S.C. 2000, c.5 and any applicable provincial privacy laws that may apply to PEARL from time to time.

PEARL has an appointed a lawyer who oversees compliance with privacy laws and best practice. The duties include:

• Developing and, on a regular basis, reviewing the implementation of internal procedures to protect personal information;

• Ensuring all staff are trained on privacy best practices and are aware of the importance of safeguarding any personal information that they are privy to;

• Ensuring that all inquiries and complaints relating to privacy are appropriately handled; and

• Ensuring all third parties to whom PEARL provides access to personal information adhere to appropriate standards of care in handling that information.

2. Personal Information and How We Collect It

‘Personal information’ is any factual or subjective information, recorded or not, about an identifiable individual.

For PEARL Clients, this includes your name, contact information, birthdate, gender, email address, type of vehicle, Service Contract usage, vehicle diagnostics, payment information, any identifiers such as your PEARL Service Contract number, driver’s license or GPS (vehicle location) and any identifiable on-line activity. We also collect information about your PEARL retail purchases and preferences.

Direct Collection

Personal information can be collected directly from you in several ways with your knowledge and consent, or as authorized by law, including through phone calls, electronic messages, application forms, as well as any other documents you provide to PEARL.

Indirect Collection

There are also ways in which PEARL collects personal information indirectly. For example, to obtain an associate Service Contract, PEARL collects personal information about other clients of your household from you, and for auto insurance, you may provide information regarding other drivers of your vehicle. We assume you have obtained consent to our collection, use and disclosure of others’ personal information for the purposes outlined in this policy.

PEARL may collect your personal information from third parties as well. For example, with your explicit consent, a credit reporting agency or previous insurer may provide information to PEARL. PEARL implies or assumes consent only if doing so is reasonable and appropriate based on our relationship with you. For example, we may collect information from a contracted service provider that has provided services in relation to your Service Contract.

Note that there may be instances where the law permits the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information without your consent, for example for debt collection, fraud investigations, and where necessary to protect our legal interests or the safety of others.

3. Using Your Personal Information

We use personal information for the following specific purposes:

• To confirm eligibility for Service Contract or other PEARL products and services.

• To process, administer and manage your PEARL Service Contract (if applicable);

• To provide you with the PEARL products and services you have requested.

• To process, administer and manage your vehicle repairs.

• To better understand your needs and the ways in which we can improve our products and services.

• To verify your identity and to communicate with you, including responding to your inquiries and confirming receipt of a requested product or service.

• To process payments.

• To inform you about products and services that we offer (or that we and our loyalty partners jointly offer), which we believe may be of interest to you.

• To administer your participation in contests or promotions sponsored by PEARL and to contact you if you are eligible  to win a prize;

• To conduct surveys or research for PEARL’s internal use in order to better understand our clients and improve our product and service offerings, as well as to compile  aggregate statistics for internal reporting purposes;

• To assess and manage risk, including detecting and preventing fraud;

• To collect debts owed to PEARL and enforce agreements  between you and PEARL; and

• To meet auditing, legal and regulatory processes and requirements.

4. Withdrawing your Consent

Your consent can be withdrawn at any time, subject to legal or contractual restrictions, by providing us with written notice to the contact information found at the end of this policy. Upon receipt of notice to withdraw consent, we will inform you of the consequences of withdrawing your consent before we process your request, which may include PEARL’s inability to provide you with certain products or services.

If you wish to opt out of receiving marketing or promotional communications from us or change your communications preferences, please email notice of withdrawal to or contact us at 1-800-563-1020. If you have received an email from PEARL, you may also click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each of our emails. Please note that if you unsubscribe from receiving marketing communications, you may still continue to receive transactional or informational messages from us.

5. Sharing Your Personal Information

PEARL takes all reasonable steps to protect the interest of individuals when disclosing personal information. We do not disclose personal information for purposes other than those purposes for which it was collected, unless you have provided consent to do so or we are required/permitted by law to disclose the information.

Service Providers and Business Partners

We may share your personal information with business partners, service providers and suppliers of goods and services. For example, we may use third party service providers to authorize and process payments, send email or other communications,  process information collected through telematics devices, conduct customer research or manage and analyze data.

Our service providers are only given the information they need to perform their designated functions.

We take reasonable steps to ensure that any third parties who we entrust with your personal information are reputable and have safeguards in place to protect this information.

In working with business partners, service providers and suppliers, your personal information may be transferred to a foreign jurisdiction to be processed or stored. Such

information may be provided to law enforcement or national security authorities of that jurisdiction upon request, in order to comply with foreign laws.

Affiliated Companies

We share your personal information with affiliated companies within the PEARL group of companies. For instance, our Service Contract service agents may see whether you have conducted business with our affiliated warranty companies. This information sharing allows us to offer you client discounts and rewards and to inform you about products and services which we believe may be

of interest to you.

Third Party Advertising

PEARL may also share your name, phone number and e-mail  address with third party ad-servers such as social media platforms for targeted advertising purposes. Services such  as Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Ads Custom Match allow PEARL to reach potential customers who would benefit from our products and services. Information provided to such third parties is secured at all times and only used for the  purpose of displaying ads and reporting back to PEARL on

the performance of such ads. You can choose to hide ads through your socials at any time, or you can contact PEARL to  opt out of sharing your information with social media platforms  altogether, by sending an email to with ‘opt-out social media’ in the subject line.

PEARL also uses third party advertising partners to provide on-line visitors with relevant ads across the Internet. You may also opt out of interest-based advertising by visiting the opt-out tool made available by the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada at

collected from the device may be provided to third parties in relation to an accident, investigation and/or litigation.

6. Our Website and App Practices

When you use visit PEARL’s websites or use PEARL’s apps, we automatically receive and record information in our server logs from your browser or mobile platform, including the date and  time of your visit, your IP address, unique device identifier, browser type and other device information (such as your operating system version and mobile network provider).

PEARL uses “cookies” to identify you as a registered and/or returning visitor. Cookies are files sent from a website to a visitor’s computer which may then be stored on your hard drive so we can recognize you when you return. PEARL uses  both session and permanent cookies. This data may be used for statistical purposes and to personalize future visits or communications (via direct mail, email or telecommunications). By setting cookies, PEARL is also able to enhance a user’s on-line experience (e.g. once you are logged in to your account, you are able to move between webpages without  having to re-enter your credentials). You can disable cookies through your website browser, but this may affect your

user experience.

The usage data we collect when you visit PEARL’s websites or use PEARL’s apps help us analyze and improve the performance of our digital services. PEARL uses Google Analytics for web statistical analysis. We make no effort to personally identify you based on your visit to our site. If you wish, you may opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics by disabling or refusing third party cookies; by disabling JavaScript within your browser; or by using the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-On.

7. Keeping Your Information Safe

PEARL has implemented critical physical, organizational and technical measures to guard against unauthorized or unlawful access to the personal information we manage and store. We have also taken steps to avoid accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, your personal information. While no system is completely secure, the measures implemented by PEARL significantly reduce the likelihood of a data security breach.

Here are some examples of the security controls we have in place:

• Secure office premises;

• Locked filing cabinets and a secure shredding practice for paper records;

• The use of encryption, such as secure portals for document transfers and tokenization for payment card information;

• Robust authentication processes, including complex passwords, for electronic records;

• Limited access to personal information by employees who need the information to perform their work-related duties; and

• The use of data centres with effective physical and logical data security controls.

In addition, we recommend that you do your part in protecting yourself from unauthorized access to your personal information. For example, ensure your PEARL account  login credentials are not shared with anyone. PEARL is not liable for any unauthorized access to your personal information that  is beyond our reasonable control.

Let us know right away if your contact information changes or you find any errors in your account statements or invoices. If you have reason to believe that the security of your account has been compromised, you must immediately notify PEARL of the problem in order for us to resolve the issue  in a timely manner.

8. Accessing Your Personal Information

We make every effort to ensure that the personal information we hold is accurate, complete and up-to-date for the purposes for which we collect it. You can make a written request for access to your personal information at any time if it is for information that you are unable to access yourself through your PEARL account. You will need to provide as much information as necessary to help us process your request and locate the information you require.

If you need assistance in preparing your request, please contact us and we would be pleased to help you. Upon receipt of your request, PEARL will update your information, or inform you of how your personal information has been or  is being used, and who your personal information has been  shared with. We may charge a fee to cover any reasonable expenses related to responding to your access request.

PEARL responds to access requests within 30 days, unless an extension of time is required. However, there may be contexts where access is refused or only partial information is provided, for example, in the context of an on-going investigation or where another individual’s personal information or identity must be protected.

9. How Long We Keep Your Information

PEARL retains personal information for as long as necessary to fulfill legal or business purposes and in accordance with our retention schedules. Once your information is no longer required by PEARL to meet business, legal or regulatory requirements, it is securely destroyed, erased or made anonymous. Keep in mind however that information may be  retained for a lengthier period of time due to an on-going investigation or legal proceeding, and that residual information  may remain in back-ups for a period of time after its destruction date.

10. External Links and Social Media

We may offer links from our website to the sites of third parties, such as partner organizations, that may be of interest to you. PEARL makes no representations as to such third parties’ privacy practices and we recommend that you review their  privacy policies before providing your personal information to any such third parties.

PEARL’s use of social media serves as an extension of our presence on the Internet and help us build a positive brand image as well as provide useful information to the public. Social media account(s), such as PEARL’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, are not hosted on PEARL’s servers. Users who choose to interact with PEARL via social media should read the terms of service and privacy policies of these services/platforms.

PEARL’s use of social media serves as an extension of our presence on the Internet and help us build a positive brand image as well as provide useful information to the public. Social media account(s), such as PEARL’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, are not hosted on PEARL’s servers. Users who choose to interact with PEARL via social media should         read the terms of service and privacy policies of these services/platforms.

11. Our Privacy Complaint and Breach Management Process

PEARL takes privacy complaints very seriously and has a procedure in place for escalating and managing any privacy- related concerns to ensure that they are responded to in a timely and effective manner. Any suspected privacy breach must be escalated internally to PEARL’s Privacy Lawyer who oversees the containment, investigation and corrective actions for all breach situations.

As required by law, privacy breaches may be reported by PEARL or its business partners to the regulators of the relevant provinces in which affected individuals reside.

12. Changes to this Policy

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time in order to better reflect our current personal information handling practices. Thus, we encourage you to review this document frequently. The “Last Updated” date at the top of this Privacy Policy indicates when changes to this policy were published and are thus in force. Your continued use of PEARL products and services following the posting of any changes to this Privacy Policy means you accept such changes.

13. Getting in Touch

Any inquires, concerns or complaints regarding privacy should be directed to:

PEARL Privacy Office

Box 422, 509 Commissioners Rd W., London, Ontario

N6J 1Y5


Phone: 1-800-563-1020

Your concerns will receive prompt attention

Thank you for continued trust in PEARL.