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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost money to join PEARL?

Yes, we have a nominal annual fee that can be paid monthly or all at once. A single visit consultation can save you more than your annual fee.

What can we do with our PEARL card?

Your PEARL card acts as an identification piece at repair facilities, assuring you get properly treated on every service visit. Also, your PEARL card acts as a cash collector card. Through PEARL CASH BACK PROGRAM you will receive many cash back offers and specials on services and referrals.

If I have more than one vehicle, does my PEARL subscription cover all of them?

No, every vehicle requires the same maintenance and attention from PEARL. That being said, if you are responsible for several vehicles, simply contact us and we can discuss package pricing for you.

Who is covered by the PEARL program?

Any driver with a valid driver’s license who is driving the vehicle insured with PEARL.

PEARL offers unique and highly profitable provisions. Indeed, our program not only covers your car but also anyone driving the insured car with PEARL.

PEARL’s coverage focuses on a vehicle, not on an individual. Thus, if your partner or a friend is driving your PEARL-insured vehicle and encounters a problem and needs our services, we will be there!

No matter who is driving, if a vehicle with PEARL coverage needs help, we come to the rescue. With PEARL, have peace of mind when you lend or share your car.

Can I sign up my friends or family?

Yes, you can give a PEARL subscription as a gift. You can also refer new members and receive cash referral rewards on your PEARL card.

How much savings are there on tires?

Our goal at PEARL is for you to purchase tires for the same price a garage would purchase them. That being said, you also qualify for manufacturer rebates so in essence, you can purchase tires for less than your neighborhood garage.

What if there is no PEARL repair center in my area?

If you sign up and there is no center close to you, simply let us know and we will enroll one or more. Alternatively, if you know a good facility, we would be happy to enroll them.