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Years of automotive experience have come together

under one umbrella to help reduce the cost of vehicle

ownership. Finally, you have a personal representative

helping you solve the puzzle of modern day vehicle




PEARL is represented by a team of automotive repair experts. Every member of the PEARL team has extensive experience from booking appointments to vehicle component operations.

Operators are standing by to coach you on what is necessary and this will assure that what is not. We have every factory recommended maintenance schedule at our fingertips, you only approve services that you need.. and not the ones you don’t!

Since all of your service records will be stored in the PEARL database, our team will always insist the warranty items are honoured so you won’t pay twice for the same service.

Service facilities will compete for your business. You will regularly receive promotions and discounts on various services. Also, at any time, you can access tires at the same discount as large fleets. PEARL will simply drop ship the product to the service centre of your choice.



PEARL will take the mystery out of vehicle repairs and maintenance. Since the service facility will contact PEARL with any vehicle service, our professional staff will ask the right questions then translate the conversation to you. You will only have services recommended to you that are truly required..

Rarely does any salesperson follow a client through their entire post purchase vehicle experience. PEARL will support all of your post purchase maintenance and repairs. This will minimize your cost of driving and you will be less likely to have the unpleasant surprise of a vehicle break down.

Since your every repair and recommendation can be monitored by PEARL, service visits can be spread out so that you only do what is necessary and only at the time you need it done. This keeps repair invoices smaller and helps you budget for your next service visit. PEARL will be there to manage every visit.

Whether you purchased a warranty with your vehicle or a warranty is included with a repair, PEARL will ensure that you receive the full benefits of the coverage. Your history is with us and our team understands the fine print.

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The founder and CEO of PEARL FLEET MANAGEMENT SERVICES INC., Mark Wilson, has over 40 years of automotive experience focused on the aftermarket, on vehicle repairs and maintenance. Mark Wilson has written training manuals and trained all levels of automotive people, from service advisors to licensed technicians.

He has successfully created and managed businesses in automotive repair, warranty and finance giving him a broad spectrum of experiences which has all been brought together in a program named PEARL.

From call centres to field personnel, every PEARL representative has an automotive background. This gives PEARL the required resources to assist consumers at every level of the automotive ownership cycle. If the first PEARL representative doesn’t have the answer for you, they know someone who does.

All of this expertise has been brought together for the single focus of making your automotive ownership journey enjoyable and affordable.

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